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Wireless Headset Beanie hat

$39.99 Upgraded Bluetooth Beanie Hat Headphones Wireless Headset Winter Music Hat Knit Cap with Stereo Speakers & Mic Unique Christmas Tech Gifts for Women Mom Her Men Teen Boys Girls Black: Clothing

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Product Description

FULLLIGHT TECH Bluetooth Beanie HatFULLLIGHT TECH Bluetooth Beanie Hat

bluetooth beanie hatbluetooth beanie hat

bluetooth beanie hat for men gifts Christmas stockingsbluetooth beanie hat for men gifts Christmas stockings1. Best Gift Idea: This beanie combines fashion with tech,It can not only keep you warm in winter but also brings you handsfree bluetooth music enjoyment and phone call,A Unique Tech gifts for men,teenage girls/boys,gag gifts for mom,wife,girlfriend,teenage girl,birthday gifts for women who have everything,stocking stuffers for women

2. Longest Working time: Specially customized 250mAh Li-battery,the largest Battery capacity but low comsumption offering Longest Battery Life up to 16-20 hours keeps you listening instead of charging.while other brands’ battery is only 150mAh and support 5-6 hours working time.Triple capacity than other brands.

3. Louder Speaker: This 2019 Version Bluetooth Hat strengthens the features of speaker.The Max Volume Output is up to 110dp.while other brand’s 70-80 only,With this beanie,you can enjoy clear music even you are in a noisy street.

4. Upgraded Chip: This bluetooth headphones features Advanced Bluetooth Technology,more Stable & Faster ,sync to Bluetooth Enabled Devices in seconds,No cut in & out issue any more.While other brands are V4.1 or V4.0 or V5.0 which might have difficulties with sync.

5. Thicker Knitting: Compared with other brands,Our winter hats have thicker knitting(0.2lb) to perform better cold resistance.

6. Gift Box: Packed in a premium gift box,No worry about the hassle of wasting your time to find any other package.

7. One Size fits Most: This unisex beanie is strechable,one size fits most.

8. Washable: The Knit beanie features removable headphones for washing.


Upgraded Version Bluetooth Beanie for Longer Battery Life and Better Sound Quality

Enhanced HD Speaker for decent audioEnhanced HD Speaker for decent audio teen gifts for boys and girlsteen gifts for boys and girls bluetooth beanie for men giftsbluetooth beanie for men gifts

Enhanced HD Speaker

Upgraded HD speakers offer sound output upto 110db which is the loudest in the market so far,powerful but still clear and crisp for you to enjoy clear music and take calls in noisy environment.Your world is Yours.

Larger Battery Capacity

We adpoted the upgraded bluetooth chip to promise the best bluetooth performance while enlarging the battery capacity to extent the battery life to 16-20 hours in a single charge.The Longest Battery Life in the market.We promise you are making an intelligent decision.

Easy to Remove & Fully Washable

We know what you care-The bluetooth beanies are made of superior double-knit to keep your head warm and comfortable in winter.Also,there is a reserved hole in beanie so headphones can be removed to wash the beanie.Always keep the beanie Clean.

Why FULLLIGHT TECH Bluetooth Hat?Let’s Listen to the Voice of Our Customers

bluetooth beaniebluetooth beanie bluetooth beanie hatbluetooth beanie hat bluetooth hatbluetooth hat

gifts for women Christmas stocking stuffersgifts for women Christmas stocking stuffers

Come Ready as a Gift

FULLLIGHT TECH Bluetooth Beanie are packed in a premium gift box,Stretchy Comfortable Double-knit material feels warm and comfortable on the head.One Size Fits Most.A must have Christmas Gift for All Ages in winter.

Color Dark Gray Black Dark Gray
Working Time 16-20 Hours 16-20 Hours 16-20 Hours
Control Panel Right Ear Right Ear Right Ear
Washable ✓


Black, Dark Gray

  1. Amazon Customer

    Ordered as a gift for Christmas. Have not given to husband yet but me and the kids tested it out. has speaker on both sides. Was super easy to connect to my phone. Nice hat in general. Thickness was great for our snowing northern Mi weather. Hat is a great size. A lot of times beanies will not pull down enough to stay over ears and this one fit over my ears with some room to spare on top. Should fit husband perfect even if it shrinks after washing. Volume all the way up is loud can hear the music well outside the hat. Only downfall I have found so far is that the charging cord is only like 2 inches long also it only includes the cord which has a USB port end and it does not include a block that it connects to plug into the wall. If you do not already own a block from a phone charger or something you may want to purchase one.

  2. The Gaber

    I’m so glad I purchased this. It is the quickest bluetooth connection that I have and connects every time with no problems. I just turn it on and and I’m connected in a millisecond. The speakers are approximately where my ears are but the great thing about them is that they don’t really have to be in my ears but only near them. In fact I like to pull them below my ears and that is even more comfortable. The sound is great and although I wish the hat was a drop warmer, I have used it in 20° temperature and it was fine. Spring is coming and I actually will miss wearing this product because it was really convenient and comfortable. Don’t hesitate to buy this, you won’t be sorry.

  3. Southeastern American Male

    It arrived on time in a small box containing the beanie in a sealed bag. I turned it on and it was in pairing mode so I paired it to my iPhone without any problems. I turned it back off and charges it for about 2 hours until the red light went off. It is very comfortable and the volume is amazing. The charge port is a little difficult to plug up in the beanie but not impossible. The beanie has a slot to remove the electronic parts to was the hat. My kids have both asked for one because it works so well.

  4. Cameron Smith

    First thing to clear up. This is NOT a headset. This is a hat first and foremost, so do not expect the best sound. However, the sound quality is there, the only thing that holds it back is the choice to have comfort come first, which more than makes up for it. If you hold the speakers to your ears, you’ll find a remarkably well-balanced sound, that isn’t too tinny and has a decent amount of bass, especially for the price. However, it isn’t realistic to go around holding your hands to your head. The treble is nice and crisp, and honestly reminds me of my urBeats3 which is nice. The first thing you’ll notice is that you can hear absolutely everything around you, and everyone around you can hear your music. This is not for an enclosed space. This is not for your train ride to work. This product works best where you’d wear a hat over your ears in the first place. Outside. When you take that context into consideration, the design choices make more sense. Of course you can hear everything, you need to be aware of your surroundings. Of course it has crisp treble, that’s how you can hear it without turning it way up. Of course it doesn’t cover or go in your ears, it’s a hat and needs to be comfortable all day. If you spend your time outside and wear beanies, whether you’re a skater or a physical laborer, this is a really good on-the-go 2 in 1. However, don’t think for a minute that you should use this outside of its intended use. It’s like taking pictures on an iPad. You can, and you might do it from time to time, but it’s clearly not what it’s REALLY for. Be smart when buying, but if you are, you’ll be more than satisfied with this little gem.

  5. D. Edwards

    I wasn’t really sure what to expect out of this, but I certainly didn’t anticipate that good of sound from the speakers in the beanie. I’d say the sound is on par with my Leophile earbuds, which are fairly good quality. The beanie is large and comfortable, and the leather patch on the side that has the more noticeable bulge where the audio components are is actually nice looking and tasteful. All in all, I’m very happy with this. 🙂

  6. Daniel Krishnan

    Well when first got it in the mail, I didn’t expect it to sound good or feel comfortable. plus I was kinda worried that the sound will spill out.But I needed something that is different from in ears-earphones or even headphones. This was the perfect solution! First, it keeps my head warm with the wool beanie and it fits very well on my head. Secondly, the sound is amazing! The bass transmission is way above acceptable in my opinion. Sound quality in very crisp and clear. PLUS there was no sound spill even at 80% of music volume. Last comment is that the bluetooth signal never drops! which is amazing! given even expensive headphones drops from time to time! I love it!

  7. Smurf

    I like to rate this a five stars. It works good. It does as intended and for the price it’s well valued. A few key things I like to point out that really stands out to me and gives me 2 thumbs up.#Bluetooth connectivity was beyond easy. The moment you turn it on it automatically places it in discovery mode. My phone caught it very fast.# It Audible and what I mean is that it give audible feed back saying whether it’s looking for a phone to pair and when paired to volume limit. That is a nice feature.# Battery life is very good and shows battery icon on my phone in my status bar very clear. Changing port is also very accessible and covered when not in use.# Material is lightweight and good for those who jog and like beanies.Now the key things that I want to note(not the cons but something to make notice)# The speakers aren’t very loud and aren’t the best in the world. Sure you can hear it and it’s plenty loud enough for me but I can see in some instances where you want to really jam and it’s alrighty loudness and quality.#The speaker bulge is an acquired taste. It’s square but not exactly noticeable unless one really tries and stares.# The controls work as intended but not a fan of the relation between the volume changes with the skip/repeat songs. To change volume you either have to hold it or tap very slow as the timing between the taps is very big and if you tap too fast it will skip a song.That’s my biggest gripe but it’s manageable.I use it when I’m on my morning walks and it allows me to still hear people and not miss out on my podcasts.

  8. Rick Paquette

    I got this for my wife. She hates Bluetooth ear pieces in her ears while driving. They just really bother her. She loved the idea of just having a hat with Bluetooth built in. I was briefly able to try this but the speaker was loud and very clear. She love it. She can keep her hands free while also not miss a call and have an annoying ear piece. Wearing a hat during winter is ultra convenient also. Its funny I’ve asked her to let me take photos of the hat like every review has and she won’t give it up. She’s always on the run and this is her best friend. This is an amazing idea that was also very well executed. There is only 1 tiny fall back but its not really a flaw. Yes…. You can feel that there is a speaker sitting on your ear. There is no way around that without losing volume and its not really a drawback. This is much better (for my wife) than sticking an earpiece that irritates her ear and also keeps falling out.

  9. MissMonaQ8

    I had first bought this in 2017 as a Christmas gift and was so disappointed that I had to write a review…fast forward to August 2019, I just received a replacement to try out and it was great! I believe they realized that they needed to improve it and they have. The connection is clear and you’ll be able to jog and listen to music without losing the Bluetooth connection. I’m so glad they enhanced it and I’m a happy camper! Below was my old review that explains what was originally wrong with it:”I bought this as a Christmas gift for my husband and he was super excited to test it….and it turned out that unless the mobile was 4 inches away to the hat..the Bluetooth wouldn’t work!!! And he’d lose the connection…I am shocked reading positive reviews.. to actually hear any sound while walking or jogging is impossible….unless you have your mobile next to your ear which defies the whole purpose plus you’d look like an idiot! Seriously…money down the drain…”

  10. adam lopez

    I like everything about this beanie hat, the music quality is very good and clear, it’s very warm and comfortable. Also when receiving calls the voice is very good and clear. The hat is very well made great quality and I definitely recommend to any one, I’m planning to buy one for my wife and sister. They make great gifts. I’m very impressed

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