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Waterproof Bag Bike Phone Mount Top

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Bike Phone Front Frame Bag Bicycle Bag Waterproof Bike Phone Mount Top Tube Bag Bike Phone Case Holder Accessories Cycling Pouch Compatible with iPhone 11 XS Max XR Fit 6.5”

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ROCKBROS adheres to the concept of providing affordable products for every consumer who loves cycling and healthy life, disseminating cycling culture and focusing on the field of cycling equipment.

bike bag

Top tube bag installation

Bike phone bag quick clean

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Material Composite Carbon Leather + TPU Composite Carbon Leather + TPU 600D Nylon + TPU Composite Carbon Leather + TPU EVA 3D Hard Shell 600D Nylon + TPU
Capacity 0.8L M: 1.3 L L: 1.8 L 1.5L :1.5L 1.5L 1.5L
Waterproof ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
Raincover / / / ✓ / /

  1. Diceman

    This bag fits nicely, is secure, holds a lot of items and the screen allows for touch-screen activities on the phone. The only thing it does NOT do, is prevent the phone from over-heating due to sunlight hitting the screen. So, after about an hour, I put the phone under the straps inside the case, which provided shade and all was fine. Of course, you can’t see or operate the phone without taking it out, but really, who gazes at their phone or operates it when riding?? All you have to do is say OK GOOGLE or HEY SIRI and it does pretty much what you need without having to touch it.

  2. Mark C.

    Great watertight and roomy. Touchscreen works for my Galaxy S9 perfect. Room for my thick wallet, house and bike keys, 3.5 inch handle pocket knife, tube repair kit, couple wrenches, 3-way hex tool, and obviously the phone with no problem. Looks great and matches the rear bag with the carbon fiber leather look which has just the right amount of texture and finish to it, real rugged look! Has plenty of mounting straps even for my heavy frame. Mark

  3. A M A Z O N – C U S T O M E R

    My iPhone 11 Max Pro fits Prrfectly in the front-clear casing or part of this bike bag… you can tap on the clear plastic onto your phone and the phone will respond to you. It also fits of course inside the bag as well…along with other things you want and need.. lots of room. If you have a YUGE Smartphone or a small smartphone this bike-bag is for you!! I was super hesitant to buy this as I did not see reviews that told me whether the iPhone11 MaxPro could fit for-sure in the front area of the bike bag (the clear plastic area).. and I can report that it indeed does. It makes my bike look like a touring type of bike.. very nice. 🙂

  4. WLSinWI

    Well designed with long straps to secure it to my RadRover. Carbon fober look is cool and the sides are reasonable stiff to hold shape. It will hold an iPhone 7 or 8 plus.

  5. Jason J

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     I typically just use my handlebar phone mount when biking, but with me recently bike commuting in winter, I wanted something that protected my phone more in case of light precipitation or snow as my other one just leaves the phone exposed to the elements.I’ve had great success with other Rock Bros products and decided to give this one a try due to past experiences with their products and the lower price point on this bag. My bike has a thick frame and the straps on this bag are plenty long to keep the bag sturdily connected. Due to some past issues with moisture, the bag now comes with a waterproof cover for the bag. I don’t see myself using this as I don’t really commute in rain, but I’ll have it just in case. The bag easily fits my iphone X with room to spare, so it should easily fit an iphone 11 or iphones with plus sizes. Touchscreen works perfectly, which is helpful because my family sometimes calls when I’m on the road. Plenty of storage in the bottom of the bag for keys, wallet, snacks, etc.Overall, I would say this bag is a good value and a solid product. Again, I haven’t tested its waterproof abilities, so cannot comment on that portion of the bag. Everything else looks to be perfect though.

  6. Chuck

    This product works great. I put my keys and wallet in the compartment and my phone fits nice and tight. The touch screen works as normal through the plastic cover. Just make sure the straps are tight to minimize movement.

  7. M.G.

    I loooooove this. I ride around town with my dog in a basket and this pack on my frame. It’s amazing. If I need to use gps I can open my phone, an app and see the map to follow without taking my phone out of the case. That is how good this is. I love it. I throw my keys in there and any toys for my dog. It’s perfect. I gave 3 stars for waterproof because I haven’t tested that. I can say that as a person with long legs, my knees sometimes rub one of the sides of the case. It’s not annoying, but if you get annoyed by things like that then it might be. I also haven’t done extremely long rides where this could get annoying after awhile. But just something to think about.

  8. debo

    I will say they are water resistant but I have not and don’t plan to get them wet anyway. We can fit an iPhone 8+ ,in an Otterbox cover, tightly in the phone holder. There is still room for a can of spray mace, a screwdriver, and a few other small items such as keys. After mounting them with the included straps I ran a caulk type of seal with “shoe goo” around the bottom of the cases where they rested on the bike’s bar. It takes a couple of days to cure but the bags do not slip or slide as some people complained. Also we have no trouble with our knees hitting the bags.

  9. Lynda A. Dietz

    This is a huge improvement over the ill-fitting bag I used to have on my bike. This one fits my bike bar nicely, and it stays sturdy over every bump. The touchscreen works just fine, and the bag itself has sturdy sides and a large capacity for tools, keys, snacks, or whatever else you want to put in.Phone size: my phone is a Samsung Galaxy S10, so it’s fairly long (6″) and it still has probably 1/2″ of wiggle room if your phone is longer than that. There’s a tidy little slot for your headphone jack on the front vertical wall of the bag, tight enough to remain waterproof, and the zippers are also really well sealed.

  10. gonzeaux

    I have not had this in the rain (and don’t intend to bring the E Bike out in the rain) so have not rated water resistance, although it comes with a little fitted rain cover. I actually bought it for that touch screen,,,which I haven’t used. The handlebar on the bike seems to lack room for a phone holder, so I bought two bags here and this one fits the top bar perfectly, allowing me to bring the phone and use one of the bike tracking GPS apps. Storage capacity,,,I gave four stars but please understand this is actually a small bag. I’ve put the three way hex tool that came with the bike, one additional small wrench, the above mentioned rain cover and that’s it…maybe the phone. It does strap tightly to the bike with the included velcro straps, which I trimmed. It stays in place when bombing around on pavement, feels pretty secure and I think it would probably not detach on the trail.

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