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Spy Camera Wireless Hidden WiFi Camera


[Upgrade] Spy Camera Wireless Hidden WiFi Camera with Remote View, Hidden Spy Camera 1080P HD
Nanny Cam Spy Hidden Camera Charger Recorder Motion Activated, Wireless Spy Camera Support iOS/Android : Camera & Photo

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Product Description

Hidden CameraHidden CameraThis is the Newest Version of wifi spy camera charger on the market up to date.

With HD 1280*960P resolution that can capture moments with clear video.

This is a great multi functional portable camera. This small camera is widely used in daily life and work.

A mini spy camera helps to upgrade your home’s security by mounting it to some places that people won’t notice.

You can live monitor every room in your house from your Andriod or iOS smartphones, whatever and whenever you are, and fell rest assured that you won’t miss a thing.

Kindly Tips

1. Mini spy camera may release heat ( working temperature -20°C–80°C) when using. It’s a normal phenomenon.

2. Please take it easy. A camera is aimed to protecting important families, property etc.

3. Due to a long time transport, Please check whether your package all included before using.

Highlights of Spy Camera Charger

camera detailscamera details spy cameraspy camera Mini cameraMini camera


Designed with motion detection. when movement was detected, hidden spy camera will catch the object’s trace, and record automatically on the device.You can work it as a security camera to keep an eye on your baby, nanny, employees and so on.


This nanny camera supports one camera to be connected by multiple users at the same time, which means that you can share real-time videos with anyone who owns the account of the APP. The battery life is also excellent, or you can keep it plugged in at all times.


Please put the surveillance camera in the corner of home,office, warehouse, store,backyard, bathroom,bedroom,etc.



It not only a hidden camera, also be a phone charger

Main Specifications

1.Full HD video recording 2. Hidden crime record 3. Available with free app

4, Support 128gb sd card 5. Motion detection with push notifications 6. Complete discreet and can be hidden in plain sight

7. Real view (with mobile app for both iOS and Android) 8. Loop recording with H.264

9. Excellent Customer Support

10. Fast Refund without Return


Recording While Charging

A camera also supports while charging while recording for longer record video Don’t miss something for you

Package List

1x A Hidden Camera

1x Card Reader

1x Reset Pin

1x User Manual

1x 3 in 1 charging cable (Micro USB / Type C Compatible with Cell Phones Tablets and More)

hidden camera chargerhidden camera charger

  1. Denis Allen

    Here is the review in full:After unpacking the minicam package you should find-a brochure with basic instructions in pretty good English with the typical errors in syntax or language. -the camera cube which contains a microphone, IR LED (for night recording), Reset button in the upper left-hand corner (not shown well on the brochure photo) a micro USB slot, and a real USB slot which allows the camera cube to be disguised as a USB Charger.  4K, 2K, 1080P and 720 recording is supported and can be changed while recording. The color hue and brightness excellent and full fidelity, and the lens is wide angle.  Live recording and snapshots are supported.  The camera cube also has a well-hidden status light which gives information on the status of the camera and whether full charge of the plugged-in cell phone has been achieved.  The camera cube needs to be plugged into a wall outlet to work.  There is a QR Scan Code on the box the camera comes in to facilitate getting the camera recognized by a remote phone.  However, I just used the HD minicam application to get the camera recognized.  It came up on my network (DHCP is enabled automatically on the cube which gets an IP address from your router) without my intervention.  Then I clicked on ‘camera online’ and it was connected.  You can connect through a router or directly to the cube without a router use.  There is also a little gear icon for camera settings in the top right-hand corner of the camera display which allows you to Add Another Camera, Setup a Camera WIFI Connection or make a Direct Connection to the device WIFI (bypassing a router).   The camera IP address and 24-bit MAC address is shown, and this shows that the HD minicam uses an HTML port 80 for control.  Additionally, I found that I could save recordings or snapshots and bring them up into other programs like signing them with a security program prior to transmission.You can set a password and up to 8 remote users can control the camera.  The password allows a user to set up IP addressing, camera resolution, brightness and contrast, alerts and other parameters; recording times, clock settings, and the other options mentioned in this review.  Real time video can be displayed, but you must use the application to do so.  The camera is not waterproof, so use outdoors would have to be protected.   The microphone is on the back of the cube; the side which plugs into the wall socket.  It is very sensitive and could easily pickup conversations 30 feet away.  Don’t forget that continuous recording of video and audio is possible to the microSD card or to your own computer or cell phone, and you choose that option.  To bring up other options, tap your cell phone screen real time video or click on the real time video, and at the top and bottom of the screen two strips are displayed.  Also present on any of the video resolutions is a time stamp of the recording; date and time including seconds.  This is done using an automatic connection to an NTP server (exact time from the National Bureau of Standards atomic clock signals via the internet).  This feature is not discussed in the ‘manual’ which is a small sheet of paper folded 3 times.Tapping on the little box for the camera b rings up editing options: No Filter, Auto Color or Gray Scale.  Also, a Crop Box to aid editing images is supplied.-TOP STRIP has brightness, contrast, IR LED for recording in the dark, B&W or Color, GPU Decoding Select for accelerated hardware decoding, and resolution selection.  The video quality is terrific!  Try out all 4 resolutions.  Of course, the resultant size of the files will increase with increased resolution.   -BOTTOM STRIP Sound on or off, sound recording on or off, snapshot taking, video recording on or off, and position controls for picture, invert or transpose left or right for images.  Zooming of images is allowed on my Android phone, which is what I tested this on…a Galaxy Note 8.-a front plate which covers up the microSD card slot which further disguises the cube as a USB charger.-a USB 2.0/microSD adapter which allows you transfer the recorded contents of a microSD card if you don’t have a SD (secure digital) slot on your computer.  You put the microSD card into the slot of the adapter then format the card before using. The ‘user manual’ which is a small brochure giving good instructions in good English, for connecting the camera to your mobile device or your home WIFI, and other information.  You can connect directly to your mobile device (phone) or to your computer though your WIFI.  If you connect directly, be aware that the distance you can move and still be connected is limited.  Other users can monitor the same camera. You need the HD Minicam application for Apple or Android systems.  Directions on how to do this are in the brochure.  You can insert a microSD card into the camera for recording to the card. You will need a paperclip straightened out to use the reset button located on the top left side of the camera. While using the cube as a charger, it disables the camera unit.I think this would be an ideal covert device for law enforcement to plan

  2. lisa walton

    I originally bought the product and had issues with the app not allowing you to view the camera while not on Wifi.Because of that, I returned the product. After communicating with the seller, I was provided with a replacement spy cam. The phone app that is used to view the live video has been updated. I am very pleased to say that the new app and camera work great together. The seller was fantastic to work with and I am pleased with the customer service. Thank you!

  3. Dale

    The setup instructions were maybe not so clear. You put in the micro SD card first, then plug it into the wall. The unit can format its own sd card. It DOES alert you clear across town and you can view and adjust the camera/ delete files remotely. Works perfectly for me. Has a flashing light on the front, but a little square of electrical tape fixed that. Now it watches my basement shop for kids / burglars.

  4. Ana Figueroa Ramos

    This security camera is not surprising is what I would call “in the big leagues” 💪🏼. It is lightweight 1.0 oz, has different ports for Android and ISO, reset key, user brochure. Record at 1080, 140 degree angle lens, night vision. It is perfect, it is not noticeable that it is a recording camera. You can watch live through Wi-Fi and image quality or speak and a high fidelity sound. It comes with USB 2.0 / Micro SD adapter that allows content transfer. Now I can leave with the confidence of having control of the security of my home. I will not miss this opportunity and get another one for my son. If I could I would give it 10 stars because it is worth it 👍🏼 Very surprised and satisfied

  5. Sgt. Scott Rickert

    This device kept surprising me in a good way. I really didn’t expect too much from this thing, but figured it would come in handy some time. It’s amazing how many people just overlook a USB charging plug since they are so common. The fact it can be viewed live over WiFi is amazing and the picture quality is incredible. The low light or night vision function was lacking but it made up for it everywhere else. The app LookCam is very easy to use but could possibly cause a security issue if you’re not careful. I now keep a camera and mic detector on me at all times and always assume that I am being recorded.It holds a 128GB TF card and has plenty of great options. It has most of the same options of larger P2P cameras. This will come in very handy in private security or private investigation but remember your state and countries laws on consent and recording. It is easily detectable by all anti-surveillance devices but not too many people actually use them. The 3 in 1 cable that comes with it is great also. If I ever see one of those cables or one like it I know what to look for.Setup was simple and it just plain works and it works incredibly well. I still can’t believe all the features this has and the quality is incredible. Please obey all laws when using this because it would be very easy to break several and not know it unless you know the law or enforce them! Please be careful and have fun!

  6. Todd B.

    This mini remote cam is easy to set up, with instruction how to down load the program you need for android and mac. Once it’s downloaded if you follow the instructions it is easy to use. The field of view is pretty big but keep in mind it plugs into a power socket so make sure you don’t have anything blocking the camera and you will be able to monitor a pretty big space.

  7. Eliezer Molina (ElTecnólogoEM)

    Buen funcionamiento.

  8. Grason

    Well I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised with this camera. Looks exactly like my phone charger. Small, discreet and very hi tech for the price. Once you set it up you will see what I mean. The video quality is is amazing and it even records in 4k. You can access the camera from you cellphone. For the price this is a steal!

  9. Patrick H

     Really like the design of this. We have wall and desk chargers all over our office so this fits right in. Using this to keep an eye on home office while we are out since we have a cleaning service, nanny, and the daughter has friends over. Alerts us immediately is motion is detected in our “no go” area. Good quality picture too. Pleased to have bought this.

  10. Elizabeth Clarke Horrigan

    I’d been looking at indoor surveillance cameras for a while. I’ve a 1 year old pooch who is mischievous, and so my stipulations were that I had to get access through my phone. There are a number on the market and whilst there are some at extortionate prices I read the reviews and opted for this one as it had everything I needed.The camera does not come with a sd card, which you will need, but you can pick one up cheap enough. It’s easy enough to set up. It comes with clear instructions, and a guide for how to use.The in app functions are so easy to use,I was pleasantly surprised with the image quality considering the price.You can also set up alerts so if you want to know what your fur baby is up to, or real baby, or just if you are monitoring an area for intruders.There are some features which are only accessible once you have signed up to the cloud offered, but I haven’t needed any of these. You can take still images of the screen too, which is great for when the dog is being cute! But also I would imagine handy if you are trying to watch for intruders.Overall really pleased with the product. I’m sure they would make a great alternative to baby monitors which I’m told can be very expensive.

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