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Phone Holder Gooseneck Mount

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Phone Holder Bed Gooseneck Mount – Lamicall Cell Phone Clamp Clip for Desk, Flexible Lazy Long Arm Headboard Bedside, Overhead Mount Stand, Compatible with Phone 12 Mini 11 Pro Xs Max XR X 8 7 6 Plus

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gooseneck phone holder

gooseneck phone holder

gooseneck phone holder

gooseneck phone holder

gooseneck phone holder


Black, Rose Gold, White

  1. QA

    We use this product to keep the phones close enough to complete the facial scan to open it up while continuing our work. We do service calls for our clients and having this product eases the tension of having to move the phone all the time. Keeping it in direct line of sight has allowed us to work faster and the flexible arm is very sturdy when we need to move it around throughout the day.

  2. Matthew S.

    I picked this up on cyber Monday because I wanted something sturdy to hold my phone and it said the Nintendo Switch would fit. I am absolutely in love with it. Works great at holding my Switch and phone.

  3. AKgirl

    I needed a phone holder that would allow me to use my phone as a projector or camera facing a table. This works very well. I had to change the settings on the phone so that the clamp wouldn’t automatically dial emergency numbers 😉 or turn the phone off, but once I did that, this clamp holds the phone securely, allows for adjustments closer or farther away, does not move, and does a great job projecting the image that I need or taking photos as close up or up to about 18 inches to two feet away. I definitely recommend. I am using it on a folding 6-foot plastic table, and the clamp does fit securely onto the edge.

  4. Greg Siegel

    Great product.-Clamp works by screwing the top part down, pushing the top plate onto the table/bed/ whatever you are attaching it to. Makes it so that you can control tightness for different surfaces (such as a table with finish you don’t want to risk damaging).-Coil is very stiff. It has enough strength to hold the biggest phone solidly in place. That said, it is fully articulating and adjustable, with the clip able to rotate 360 degrees to put your phone in landscape or portrait mode.-The clip fits my samsung galaxy active S8 with room to spare, and that is a fairly large phone. This should fit any phone on the market, and honestly with tape or something you could mount a tablet and this thing is strong enough to hold that in place too…Couldn’t be happier with this product. Seemed pricey for something in its category, but I think it’s worth it considering the quality of materials used and the fact that I can’t see anything on this thing wearing out for years to come. This is the arm to get if you are someone who likes to pay more one time than having to buy several cheaper versions of something multiple times.

  5. ashley

    Bought it for my hubby’s birthday. He loves to watch videos before bed, and now he can really relax while watching. It’s the ultimate accessory for when you’re feeling tired/lazy.The clamp attachment is extremely sturdy and the articulating arm is easy to move but holds its position very well. I may buy one for myself. I can see this being a great gift for anyone.

  6. Francis Lores

    This product is great. The price is even better. It’s extremely sturdy. Sometimes it’s hard to adjust, but it’s not a problem. I use it all the time to record my self painting.

  7. JEA

    Pros -1. VERY sturdy. It does shake when you play games… but it is great for reading and watching videos.2. the clasps for the table are not spring-clasped, but screwed down.3. The clasps have nice grip/cushion pads4. The phone holder has a nice large spring clip5. The phone holder clasp is lined with silicone grips.6. 360º rotating phone holder7. The plastic holders at the bottom of the arm (hang phone’s wires or earphones/earpods, for easy retrieval) and top of the arm (to keep the wire in place)Cons1. Not super easily adjustable, which accounts for it being really nice and sturdy.2. Be careful when you place your phone in the mount, the clamp does hit the sound button on the side of the phone, so do mount it a bit off centered.

  8. Popocheecho

    My wife enjoys watching her programs on her phone. I would see her squirm in her chair to get comfortable and thought to myself “There’s got to be a better way!” THIS IS IT, FOLKS! If yo have a theater recliner w/ an attached rotating table, this is a perfect match. If your looking for a product to move around and use for different purposes, this probably isn’t the one. Best use is for a permanent position once you’ve adjusted to where you want it. If you plan on making many daily adjustments, this rigid design is not easily pliable (which gives it it’s sturdy strength) & may frustrate some but my wife loves hers!

  9. Jessica Wensell

    It’s going to make a lot of things so much easier. If you’re a crafter and need your phone hands free for videos, etc. you can clamp this thing to your desk and you’re good to go. It does wobble some though so keep that in mind if you’re making a video. This would probably be great for Twitch too and youtubers. Go live on your Instagram stories hands free! From your bed! Hell I bet it even holds a beer.

  10. Brittany Martin

    Everything is as to be expected and accurate with the given discription. I have used it on a daily basis connecting with the family and watching videos with no negative feedback. The articulation is more stiff than I expected but it has shown to be a positive attribute.

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