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Multipurpose Otoscope-Ear Scope Camera

$45.99 : USB Otoscope-Ear Scope Camera, Anykit New Upgraded 4.3mm Diameter Visual Ear Camera HD Ear Endoscope with Earwax Cleaning Tool
6 Adjustable LED Lights for Android and Windows & Mac. : Camera & Photo

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Product Description

Anykit otoscopeAnykit otoscope

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When you wanna know if there is any extra ear wax or inflammation inside of your ear, but no one beside you.

This innovation USB otoscope on hand would be the best way for you.

This ear camera is the best choice for your ear inspection; it works effortlessly on your phone or PC.

Please Kindly Notice:

This USB otoscope DO NOT support iPhone or iPad!


  1. The focal length is fixed at 2-3cm (1 inch), so please adjust the distance between the camera lens and your ear to get focused if you cannot see the image clearly.
  2. Ear canal is not perfectly straight, please gently pull the top of your ear up and back to help viewing your eardrum easily.
  3. Please adjust the brightness of the LED lights to prevent glare.
  4. Please keep the camera clean to avoid blurry image. Blurred images after a period of use are caused by the earwax on the camera lens. (In general, earwax is oily and can cause glare, unclear image) If the earwax does not carefully wiped out, this will make it stick to the lens more firmly.
  5. Please clean the lens carefully with alcohol pads before and after use.

NOT support iPhone/iPad!

  1. video otoscopevideo otoscope

NOT support iPhone/iPad!

  1. video otoscopevideo otoscope
0.17 camera lens0.17 camera lens ear cameraear camera otoscope with wax removerotoscope with wax remover

0.17 inch ear camera lens

After a long time research, we developed this 4.3mm (0.17 inch) otoscope, compared with other 5.5 mm, it is more in line with human ear structure and easy to see eardrum clearly

Safer and cleaner

Please disinfect with alcohol before and after use. Before checking the inside of your ear, please add the speculum on the tip of the camera, avoid cross contamination.

Allow easy & safe entry to the ear

Add the earpick on the tip of the camera lens, you can visually remove extra earwax.
  1. Please pay attention to replace, clean and sterilization the specula to avoid cross-infection!
  2. DO NOT let children operate independently!

Software function (NOT support iPhone&iPad!!!)

otoscope Androidotoscope Android usb otoscope for PCusb otoscope for PC otoscope for MacBookotoscope for MacBook


For Android 4.5+: Please confirm your Android Device support OTG and UVC. How to Check OTG? You can install a free app “USB OTG Checker”which provides a simple method to check. You can download free APP [USB Camera] or [Elementary USB Camera] from Google Play Store. Some Android devices,if there is nothing in the preview area, please go into Android Settings | Permissions | Storage Permissions | and enable this camera.


For Windows 7/8/10: Please download [Endoscope camera] or [Amcap] from google or follow the link in the user manual. For Win10 system you can also run with the [Windows Camera]: Search your computer for”Camera” and open it.

MacBook(NOT support iPhone & iPad !!!)

For MacBook OSX 10.6+: Please run the Mac’s own software:[Photo Booth] or [QuickTime Player]. Windows PC and MacBook, You just need to switch the Camera app to use your otoscope Camera . Look for the change camera button at the top-left or top-right of the screen. If it doesn’t appear, you can also try right-clicking in the app and looking for Change Camera. (NOT support iPhone & iPad !!!)
  1. inspection camerainspection camera

  1. GEO

    This is vastly superior to otoscopes sold in the drugstore. Much better light and the image can be screen capped off your computer. Downside: doesn’t connect with iPhones. Requires some practice and is not easy to use on an uncooperative child. Additional upside: I can see this being useful in non-ear setting where you need to see inside a small closed space.

  2. Hattie Potter

    So cool to have the ability to see in my own ear as well as screen shot pics of what i’m Seeing. As a mom and speech/language pathologist I am asked many times to look in kids ears. This usb otoscope makes it so easy to show and explain what I am seeing. This also allows the ability to look in my own ears and see blockage or earwax.I have a handheld otoscope and will never use it again as long as I have this! My kids hels still long enough for me to see in their ear because they were able to watch too!

  3. Jessica D. Pena

    So what started off a spur of the moment purchase because it was on sale on Cyber Monday as a Lightning Deal, turned out to be a pretty interesting story. My package arrived a couple of days after ordering so I decided to play around with it. I downloaded the endoscope app with the most ratings on the list from the Google Play store into my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge phone. I initially thought the connection from the endoscope wasn’t compatible to the phone after trying to connect it but if you push hard enough, it does fit. We started checking it out and playing around with checking everybody’s ears. I have 4 little ones so naturally everyone is very excited and having fun looking in their ears. I have to say that using the black cone connections was the best and easiest to use. I used the scope without any attachments and the picture seemed more blurry and more uncomfortable. Using the black attachment was more comfortable with the kids. The little scoop attachments were very uncomfortable and for some reason was not able to get in the ear the same distance as with the black attachment so I think may be a little useless if you need to reach further into the ear. Well low and behold we are looking in my 7 year old son’s ear when we come across what looks like a spider in his ear! You can see the uploaded pictures. Well we spent hours and hours trying to figure out a way to get it out using the scope non stop. Not to fret! At the end of the night my son was able to use a pair of tweezers to gently pull out what looks like a piece of local weed LOL. Needless to say how relieved we were when we figured out it wasn’t a dead spider. Saved us a trip to the Doctor for sure!

  4. RP

    I use this camera with my PC and it was quite easy to set up and to use. It does take a bit of practice and patience to get the right viewing angle, however. My primary purpose was to check for wax build up in my ears and as a result of what I saw, I set an appointment with my doctor for a cleaning. But I also discovered that the camera has other uses. For instance, on occasion I feel like a popcorn husk might be caught between a tooth and gum. I can use this camera to check my teeth! However, if you do so, be prepared to be a bit unnerved when you see your fillings for the first time! I can’t believe that my molars have not crumbled into pieces! Just got the camera so can’t speak to its longevity.

  5. R Young

    In the past, I’ve had a problem with excess ear wax build up and have had nurses irrigate my ear to clear it out. There are over the counter drops to basically do the same thing, but the problem was I never knew if I needed to use them and if they were doing anything. This camera helped with that.While it came with an adapter to hookup it up to my smartphone, I used it on my PC so I didn’t have to download an app. It worked flawlessly right away. I just plugged the camera into my computer’s USB port, waiting 30 seconds for Windows to find it, and then opened Window’s built-in Camera app. It instantly found and showed the camera.The camera itself has pretty good image quality. Because the lens of the camera has to be pretty small to fit in your ear, don’t expect stellar, hi-def image qualify, but I could clearly see my ear drum. The LED lights on it can get warm but they are adjustable with a built-in slide dimmer.The tool comes with 3 adapters to use in your ear and make sure you’re not scratching it and 3 scoops. I was very afraid to use the attached scoops because I didn’t want to damage anything. When I did see a blockage in my one ear, I then went an used ear wax drops and a syringe to irrigate my ear. Then when I used the camera again, I could see the blockage was reduced.Overall, it’s a pretty good product

  6. Funky Bunch

    Have been battling an awful otomycosis infection in my ear for several weeks. I am using this tool to see if the medication is working and if/when I need to go back to the doctor.As you can see, the image is pretty good. The app is intuitive to use.Occasionally the camera image has a blue hue to it. The dial to adjust the light doesn’t work at all. The device is study and made of metal. In all, this is a steal at this price!

  7. Jin Oh

    Background:My wife’s been complaining about weird noises in her ear. We first went to a doctor, who confirmed seeing “some sort of infection” and prescribed oral antibiotics and corticosteroid eardrops (which can potentially destroy your hearing, by the way, not that he told us). After the meds were used up, she felt a lot better, but the next week, she started feeling weird again. So we waited another week and then went to the clinic a second time. This time, he couldn’t really see anything wrong and told us to come back if things worsened. Well, it didn’t worsen but it didn’t get better, either. So we were sort of left to decide whether we wanted to risk wasting more money on a visit that led to nothing, or her hearing. I came over to Amazon to see how much otoscopes cost, decided we wouldn’t need a $500 device, and bought this.Review:Well, folks, my whole family likes this little otoscope, and it sure paid for itself.It was an absolute breeze to install, has adjustable brightness, and is decently safe to use with a decently clear picture. Just know that it has a fixed focus, so it will only focus properly at a fixed distance to whatever you’re trying to see.We plugged it in to my Win10 laptop, which automatically recognized it as a camera and installed all the drivers on its own. Didn’t need to download shady drivers from shady websites. Opened up the default Camera app on Win10, and boom! the screen displayed my face as viewed from the laptop’s webcam. Luckily, we found a little icon on the Camera app that switches you over to the next camera you have, and that happened to be this otoscope. So that was all we needed to do to get set up. Plug in, wait, open Camera app, click little icon that changes the active camera.Everyone in my family took turns looking at their eardrums, nostrils, eyes…. Haha, it was pretty fun. But we did find some weird yellow stuff in my wife’s ear, and SINCE YOU CAN TAKE PICTURES OR RECORD VIDEO STRAIGHT FROM WIN10’S DEFAULT CAMERA APP that we already had running, she took a few shots, sent the files over to her friend’s husband who happened to be a doc, and he told us it’s probably dried pus from the previous infection. We bought an ear cleaning kit at the pharmacy for 5 bucks and that took care of the problem within a few days.If your room temperature is 75 degrees like ours, the camera can start getting warm pretty quick on max brightness. Since max brightness also washes out the picture a lot of the time, just turn it down to half and make adjustments from there. It’ll be plenty clear enough once you get the hang of it.Conclusion:It’s cheap, it’s decent quality, absolutely a breeze to set up. Most likely plenty good enough for almost anyone that just wants to get an idea of things before risking medical bills. We like it!

  8. Aaron W.

    One day I found one of my ears was somehow blocked and could barely hear with that ear for the whole day. I tried so hard to pick the blockage out but all my effort seemed to be in vain. I was thinking going to see a doctor, but was quite concerned because it might cost quite some money, also I didn’t think it was that serious. Then, it just came to me that I just needed to find a stick-shaped camera so that I can see what and where was the blockage and find out whether should I go to see a doctor or not. So, I searched on Amazon and compared several similar products, and I found this one might be a good choice. I’m glad I bought this one, cause connecting this ear scope camera to my Mac is such a breeze and I can finally see what’s going on in my ear! After trying different angles, I gradually and finally cleaned out the blockage of the mixture of earwax and probably lint (I know it seemed disgusting but if you try to pick your ears with ear swabs, that might happen to you too). It’s quite soothing for me to clean my own ears with this camera and the cleaning tools coming with it are quite useful. Although it still hurts a little bit after using for a while and sometimes it doesn’t look very clear with the cleaning tool attached to the lens, it is still a good enough product.

  9. YMX

     It only took me a couple of minutes to set up everything. This otoscope is very easy to use on mac, both Photo Booth and QuickTime Player support this device. I like to keep my ears clean and this little gadget is definitely a game-changer! Now I can SEE how well I’m cleaning too! Worth every penny! Highly recommended!

  10. Laramy Montgomery

    It took awhile to figure it out, but the scope works great! The company was great about helping me with my issues, and I’m glad to say I’m happy with the product. Love it, and would buy again!!

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