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Mobile Phone 3D Magnifier Projector


12’’ Screen Magnifier for Smartphone – Mobile Phone 3D Magnifier Projector Screen for Movies, Videos, and Gaming – Foldable Phone Stand with Screen Amplifier – Compatible with All Smartphones

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Product Description




Watching videos and movies on your phone has never been more comfortable!

More and more people use their smartphones to watch videos or movies, however, it gets incredibly uncomfortable to watch a small screen for longer periods of time, and it can even damage your vision. If you often watch videos and movies and are tired of uncomfortably staring at a small screen, our screen magnifier is perfect for you.

Featuring an HD zoom optical technology, the screen magnifier magnifies your screen at two times its size, retaining a crisp and clear image, without the need of a battery. Furthermore, if you enjoy mobile gaming, use the screen amplifier with a wireless keyboard, and turn your smartphone into a gaming station! The screen amplifier is incredibly portable and lightweight so you can easily fold it and take it anywhere you go!


Some of the great features of our phone stand screen amplifier:
Premium quality, made from solid wood, our screen magnifiers are incredibly durable;
No battery needed, so you never have to worry about recharging your screen magnifier;
Comfortable, the screen amplifier will relieve fatigue from your eyes, and will let you enjoy incredibly comfortable viewing;
Widely compatible, you can use the screen amplifiers with any smartphone, whether you have an iPhone, Samsung, or another Android device;


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  1. Della McL

    Roll the part that rolls, lift the magnifying screen, brace the phone on the little silicone pad in front of the rolled part & watch magnified. Very nice design, clean look when not in use as it lays flat. Glad I got it.

  2. William Ruby

    We had an old smart phone which we want to make use it. and we found this screen magnifier. It works great for our phone as many others had reviewed. The old phone can serve as tablet to display information and play videos/music, that minimal operations needed.we also used it for kindle as shown. It is difficult to take a picture to show the exact effect. In practice we just need to find the exact point. We also use a pen to turn page because the kindle is behind the magnifier.

  3. Jason Celaya

    I must admit I was not expecting too much when I ordered this product but using it has proven to be beneficial. When I am traveling and dont have access to my large computer monitor I use this magnifier to turn my small phone display into a larger view as what I would see via my tablet. Nifty gadget…

  4. Risto N.

    This is the 3rd magnifier ive tried and this one is a keeper the others were returned. Set ùp ìs very easy, the phòne sits against its stop on a silicon pad so it wont slide. The way the phone sits you have full access to the volume and screen controls so you can use on screen skip intro push functions also plugging in the charger cord is no prublem there is minor screen ditortion along the edgees but not enough to be bothersome for most viewing the screen angle can be adjusteď to eliminate this . construction is durable and it folds down for storage flat to the size of a thick magazine. I use a samsung A10 E phone with it . But larger phones like the i phone 11 of my daughter’s works just fine. . I have used it mostly for watching baseball games and tv mini series’. The one thing you may want to do when using this viewer is ro put something under it to raise the front of it for a more comfortable viewing angle , for me a cigerette pack laid flat works great. But this is a personal preference and in no way takes away from the units functionality .

  5. AToates

    So, my kids asked for one of these magnifiers after Christmas. I had never even heard of them. There are several to choose from and I like the real wood on this one. I find that I borrow this from the kids when I work on my gadgets. Lol. I can use both hands and work on my watch and cellphone repairs and be able to see! What a neat idea. I am afraid I am going to have to get my own, but for now we can share. May have to if I drip glue on theirs.A real neat idea for kids to watch shows on their phones and doubles for the aging to see the small fine print.

  6. L Moser

    I was very excited when I first heard about screen maginifier , what a brilliant idea! I watch shows on my phone all the time. After my son breaks the second tablet, we decide no more IPad or tablet in our house. Maybe because I watch my phone too much, or maybe it’s age. I feel the phone screen is not big enough. This screen maginifier is what I need. It’s very simple, quality is good. It’s pretty clear, you need adjust it for the best angle to have the full screen. It works better in dark room. Sometime you have to find a good spot to avoid away direct sunlight or lights on the screen. this sometime is very tricky.

  7. Ronny Acosta

    This magnifier did come with instructions but the setup itself was pretty self explanatory. I’m able to use this with any type of phone and even tablets. The part that rolls up, really does stay in place. No matter how many times I’ve moved my phone or tablet, the back stays rolled up. The only thing I had an issue with was there’s no speakers on this but I was even able to set up my bluetooth speaker on this magnifier. The view on this is clear and allows me to watch anything I have playing on my phone a lot bigger without any sort of distortion. Works great on tables, portable trays and even on airplane trays. Fits in a backpack perfectly.

  8. K Carbo

    This screen magnifier works great. I bought a couple for my kids for Christmas and had to have one of my own. I love the look and the design of this one. My phone stays perfectly sturdy behind the screen. My husband and I watch different shows at night, so this is perfect for me to watch my own. This would make a great gift for all those Netflix lovers who don’t have smart TVs.

  9. janred9

    This is a great screen! My network is in dispute on a channel so I bought this screen to watch my football. My son came over & liked it so much he borrowed it. You do have sit in front, if you go to far to the side you can’t see the picture. Very clear picture, very pleased with it!

  10. Makayla Sorrell

    This device made our TV watching experience much different! I got this as a gift for my partner’s birthday this year. It took us a minute to figure out how to set it up without breaking it. Once we solved that puzzle we immediately tested it out. The first thing we noticed: you must sit directly in front of the magnifier to get the full aspect of the device, which can be a little uncomfortable. Other than that, the device, as a whole, works exactly as descripted. We’ve had ours for a few months and it still stands sturdy!

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