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Hidden Pen Camera Spy


Hidden Pen Camera Spy Pen Camera HD 1080P Clip On Body Camera Mini Camera Pen 32GB SD Card
with Included Wonderful Spy Gadgets for Business and Conference : Camera & Photo

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Product Description


Do you still troubled by missing important meet content?

Do you want to get the high quality pictures or videos of the important time?

Keep Record&Proof of any situation,DZFtech spy camera pen is the best choice for you.

DZFtech Hidden Camera Pen

IMAGEIMAGEMain Highlights

  1. Hidden camera pen ,which is a magic spy pen,you can hidden the camera by sliding to cover the camera.
  2. No one will notice that it is a spy pen which can record voice,video and also take pictures.
  3. 1080P image Brings You A Different Experience Crystal clear image and video quality is crucial to recording every minute of important meeting or class.
  4. Super easy to operate this hidden spy pen,One-key to start recording and fast switch to video and photo mode.
  5. Clear logic on led indicator,and will be off when record video. Supports multiple functions. Supports recording while writing.
  6. Advanced spy pen camera lens with 140 degree wide-angle. Snapshot mode to capture any important moments.
  7. 200mAh Rechargeable battery last up to 70 minutes recording. Supports micro SD card (up to 32G) loop recording – SD card included.

Multiple Use

  1. Spy camera pen perfect to office meeting; class recording;Travel, family security, etc.
  2. Kindly Tips
  3. Body camera may release heat when using. It’s a normal phenomenon.
  4. Please take it easy. A camera is aimed to protecting important families, property etc.
  5. Due to a long time transport, mini camera’s battery into a low power, please charging 2 hours before using.

What’s package included?

  1. 1x Spy pen Camera
  2. 1x USB Charging Cable
  3. 1x 32GB SD Card
  4. 4x Ink Refills
  5. 1x Card Reader
  6. 1x User Manual
  7. 1x Clean Cloth
  8. 1x Thanksgiving Card
  9. The Mini Spy Camera designed with clip, which is adjustable, allowing you to clip it on various objectives, such as: pocket, bag, backpack.

HD 1080P Recording

HD 1080P(1920*1080) Video Resolution -This hidden camera pen records 1080p crystal clear videos ensure you perfectly catching every wonderful moment.

Easy to Use

Hidden Cameras Pen Super Easy To Use-1-Insert the Micro sd card , 2-Power on the hidden pen camera then ready to record, one click on/off allows you to start/stop recording video right away,user- friendly suitable for guys of any age.

Loop Recording

It could support recording while charging to get much longer time for use. WITH LOOP RECORDING- when a memory card is fulling,the newest file will overwrite a prior file.

  1. TEXAS95

    This pen is very cool! Everything you need comes in the box. That includes a 32 GB Micro SD, Micro SD card reader, and charging cable. It even comes with extra pen tips! Yes it is a pen that actually writes. There is a little plastic cover on the pen clip that allows you to slide the camera cover up and down. This will let you block the camera hole from view discretely. The pen records both audio, video and photos. Everything is controlled by the button on the top of the pen. There are 2 indicator lights on the back of the pen which tell you whether or not the pen is recording or just taking a photo. You must read the booklet that it comes with in order to know how to operate the pen. Once you do everything is pretty simple. Photo and video quality are pretty good. Especially for a small camera in such a tight package.

  2. Daniel Kim

    I had no idea what to expect when I first bought this, but I decided to get this pen because I thought it would be an interesting way to spend time. It just looks like a normal pen, but when I tested it out, I was really surprised by the camera quality and sound. I’m not too knowledgeable with specific camera specifications, but from what I see myself, the quality looks great and it can store up to 32gb at a time, which was more than I expected. And I really love the picture option because it’s really great to know that I can just take a picture instead of recording if I prefer. It’s also super easy to transfer the videos to my computer too using the SD card. I haven’t used it extensively and don’t plan on using it for hours at a time, so I’m not worried about the battery. The only thing is that it gets a little warm when it’s filming, but that isn’t an issue at all. Also, it comes with an actual working pen with some additional ink packets just in case you run out, which I thought was funny and great! It’s just a really fun pen to play around with, show my friends, and record things with.

  3. Jon and Crystal Thomas

    Pros – Quick Charge – Long lasting charge – Pretty clear picture even in dim lighting – Nice sound quality – The pen has a nice glide making it smooth to write with.4 -Comes with extra inkCons- The instructions are not very clear so my husband and I had to play around with it for over an hour to figure out the different settings.- A little heavy- Not exactly sure how to change the date and time on the recordingSuggestions: Play around with it several times before trying to use it for something important because you don’t want to miss getting something due to being unfamiliar with how the camera works. Also, be careful when putting the SD card in the thumb drive. I accidentally put the SD card in the thumb drive upside down and it got stuck. It took a little while to safely pull it out.Target audience: Anyone from Police detectives, business men and women, students or even for at home use.Conclusion: I am very happy with my purchase. I don’t work but I am going to the doctors a lot and have a hard time quickly writing the things I need to down. This will help me in my future appointments to be able to write down the things I need to but also record so that if I missed something I can listen to it afterwards. I also like it because I have been able to get video of my dogs doing cute things when I was sitting at my desk. I wouldn’t have gotten that if I had to pull out my cell phone and pull up the camera. I wish I would have had a pen like this when I was in college. The only thing that bothers me is the weight because I have arthritis and carpal tunnel so it can get a little tough holding it.

  4. Politi

    Thought this would be a cool item. Charged it fully and tried to use it. It would work. I spent over two hours screwing with it. Seems well made and writes well. Just won’t record anything. Thought it was too good to be true. Returned to Amazon.Update: The seller refunded my money after the return of the pen. They sent me another pen free of charge. The second pen worked well, both recording and writing. After some time the threads failed and the pen halves would not tighten. I contacted the seller and they were going to send me a body camera, free of charge, to replace the pen. The customer service is above and beyond. A company that makes sure the customer is 100% satisfied is a rarity these days. Thanks DZFtech.

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