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Handyman Flashlight Gloves


LED Flashlight Gloves 1 Pair, Men’s Gifts for Dad Husband Father, Hands Free Light for Reparing Wiring Fishing
Stretchy Comfortable LED Gloves Unique Gadget Tool Gift for Men Electrician Mechanic Guy:

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Product Description

LED GLOVESLED GLOVESWhat are LED Flashlight Gloves?

LED Flashlight gloves are fingerless gloves with 2 bright LED beads built into the fingers.

They make searching, repairing, wiring, and working in dark places so much easier.

Cool and practical gifts for people with everything!

Unique gifts for guys, men, dad, husband, teenagers who like night fishing, hiking, camping, or working on a car.

Also cool gifts for women, mom, wife who likes drawing, knitting, or DIY.

Birthday Gifts, Valentine’s Day Gifts, Father’s Day Gifts, Mother’s Day Gifts, Christmas Stocking Stuffer Gifts for just about anyone!

GLOVESGLOVESWhy LED Flashlight Gloves?

Sometimes you may be working on something that requires you to use both hands,

and its already dark where you can’t hold a flashlight, or need someone to hold a light for you.

It may be doing some task in the garage, under sinks, inside engines, or wiring inside your house.

Hands Free LED Flashlight Gloves can actually be a real help in these cases as the light they produce is more directed, and more convenient.

led flashlight glovesled flashlight glovesTop Features:

  1. Light-up LED gloves (for right hand and left hand)
  2. Easy ON / OFF button
  3. Battery-powered (2 button batteries included)
  4. Built-in 2 ultra bright LED beads on the index finger and thumb
  5. Max output up to 50 lumens
  6. Adjustable velcro closure
  7. Made of high breathable comfortable elastic fabric
  8. Ideal for hiking, camping, working on cars, repairing wires, and more
  9. Cool gifts for men who often works on car, or repairs.
LED Flashlight GlovesLED Flashlight Gloves LED Flashlight GlovesLED Flashlight Gloves LED Flashlight GlovesLED Flashlight Gloves

Ultra Thin, Soft and Comfortable

The fingerless LED gloves don’t hinder your finger movements when working, finishing, repairing or DIY. It’s absolutely an useful tool gadget, or a cool gift to your loved ones.

Premium Velcro Strap

The velcro helps secures the LED flashlight glove around the wrist and easily fits for most people. The men who receives your gift will be happy to add this to his toolbox and appreciate your gift.

Ready to Use

You will Receive:
  1. 1 Pair LED Gloves (Left and Right) with batteries installed.
  2. Decent gift box.
  3. 1 storage pouch to help make the LED gloves last longer.
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  1. Darling Nikki

    I bought these for my husband who works on our cars. He was using a headlamp for light, but it wasn’t very comfortable and he was constantly adjusting it to point the light where he needed it. This is a much better option. Even though the lights are a fraction of the size of his headlamp, they are actually brighter. Since they are positioned on the pointer finger and thumb, the light is already pointed at whatever he is working on.

  2. Krista Dudley

    These LED flashlight gloves were a good gift for my dad. I purchased these gloves for my father as a father’s day gift and he really liked them. He is retired and likes to tinker with his car. These gloves will come in handy when he has to get under the hood of the car and work on it. He is always dropping flashlights when he takes them to use. So these will be good for him. These are well made and seem durable.

  3. V

    Initially, I didn’t think an item like this would be necessary around the house. After looking around and noticing the amount of areas I would need to get one of my kids to hold a flashlight for me, I decided to give this a shot. I’m gratified to say this was a good investment and a great invention as well. The lights in this product run via battery and shine very bright. I also like the fact the gloves don’t fully cover your hand as that allows for more coordination. The gloves itself fit my hand pretty well as the material stretched to accommodate my hands. Haven’t had an problems with these gloves so far and are great for technical work in the dark. Make sure to check this product out!

  4. Angel44fire

    These are actually really nice and bright.I thought maybe these would be gimmicky but they work well for my early morning walks with my dog.The sun isn’t up yet when I walk around 4 am and its dark but holding onto my dog and the poop bags and my phone and flashlight was a lot. These I put on and then I don’t have to carry a heavy flashlight.I have used them each morning now for 5 mornings and the battery life is good. No issues with flickering on and off.

  5. Amazon Customer

    My Dad works on engines, battery chargers, basically everything, etc. I constantly see him using both hands for these projects whilst holding a flashlight with his teeth. I stumbled across these flashlight gloves on here and decided to give them a try. They are super comfortable and adjustable. Very bright lights. They come with batteries and a nice drawstring case. I did not hesitate to gift these to the man who has everything. HE LOVES THEM. Raves about them all the time. Told his friends and now they’re asking where I got them. I’m not sure how they will hold up, but they’re a hit so far. I’ll update on durability soon.

  6. Wanpaku

    This is a unique flashlight set up having an LED light as part of the fingerless glove makes it very handy to be able to have light shining where your fingers or hands are working. I was able to try these out last night when I was helping a neighbor with their car, and it was dusk out. To be able to wear these on my hands, I did not have to worry about a headlamp in my face facing the right direction to get light on where we were working, but the lights on these gloves shined perfectly where we needed them every time because my hands were working there. They’re also great if you’re happy to use tools at the same time you do not have to juggle a flashlight pot, or maybe have a headlamp in the right angle. These are a lifesaver.

  7. Barbara CT

    I’ve been seeing tons of Facebook ads for this product so I decided to give it a shot for my husband .. he works in HVAC , a lot of time he’s working in peoples crawlspaces.. (dark and tight places) its super cool, pretty bright and very durable holds up to commercial use Most importantly actually really comfortable to wear he says!! Great buy

  8. David Jones

    These are great for working on my cars. I can see things without having to hold a flashlight. They are also great for PC building and repairs. Things can get cramped in small spaces so these are a lifesaver.


    I got these for my husband after he’s lost an entire 12 pack of pen lights a few months ago. He’s a mechanic so I figured I’d get him these. They fit slim enough he can do many jobs with them in small spaces. They are fully adjustable for comfort and the lighting is good. Overall pretty handy.

  10. Rogue Ogre

    When I purchased this item, I thought I was buying only one glove. I was pleasantly surprised to find two in the packaging, along with a nice drawstring storage pouch.The gloves aren’t full “gloves” in the truest sense. Each one fits over your thumb and forefinger, and has a velcro strap that wraps around your wrist to keep them in place. They’re quite stretchy and comfortable, and can easily be adjusted to position the LED’s just where you want them.The lights run on preinstalled coin batteries. It would be really cool to see a rechargeable version in the future.The LED’s are nice and bright, and illuminate your work area quite well. These are definitely a nice addition to my DIY arsenal!

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