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Full Protective Chargeable Headphone

$30.00 $25.99

Airpods Case Cover with Keychain 2 Pack, Soft Full Protective Silicone Chargeable Headphone Case Skin with Carabiner for Girls Boys Teens Women and Men with AirPods 2 and 1, SkyBlue,Pink

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A-Black/Midnight blue, A-Black/avocado, A-Black/cream yellow, A-Black/glow blue, A-Black/lavender, A-Black/light grey, A-Black/lilac, A-Black/milk tea, A-Black/mint green, A-Black/olive, A-Black/pink, A-Black/purple, A-Black/red, A-Black/rose pink, A-Black/sand pink, A-Black/skyblue, A-Black/teal, A-Black/turquoise, A-Black/wine red, A-Black/yellow, B-Skyblue/creamyellow, B-Skyblue/lavender, B-Skyblue/lilac, B-Skyblue/milk tea, B-Skyblue/pink, B-Skyblue/plum, B-Skyblue/purple, B-Skyblue/red, B-Skyblue/rosepink, B-Skyblue/teal, B-Skyblue/wine red, C-Mint green/lavender, C-Mint green/lilac, C-Mint green/milk tea, C-Mint green/purple, C-Mint green/rose pink, C-Mint green/sand pink, C-Mint green/skyblue, C-Mint green/yellow, C-Mint/cream yellow, C-lavender/rose pink, C-light grey/sand pink, C-pink/lavender, C-sandpink/creamyellow, D-Yellow/lavender, D-Yellow/lilac, D-Yellow/midnight blue, D-Yellow/pink, D-Yellow/plum, D-Yellow/purple, D-Yellow/rosepink, D-Yellow/sand pink, D-Yellow/skyblue, F-Lavender, F-Light Blue, F-Lilac, F-Milk Tea, F-Plum, F-Purple, F-Sky Blue, G-Yellow, I-Mint Green, I-Spearmint

  1. Lisa C

    I will say it’s worth what I paid (2 for $6). I got the teal and black pair. It’s made of silicone, which means it is stretchable and therefore can tear or break. It fits well, but I can see that the part that connects the top and the key chain will eventually wear down and break. However, for the price of $3.00 each, it’s a good price.

  2. RynsMom

    Love the case! Silicone case that comes with a caribiner. I use this and attach it to my water bottle when I go to the gym. Protects my airpods and doesn’t easily get lost due to having that caribiner.

  3. Rosanna Kasch

    I bought these for my husband and I. We were constantly getting our AirPods mixed up. We would often miss place them too. This way we never loose them and I also feel they are a little more protected.

  4. Meghan

    I love the color of this case. It’s very soft and smooth. It was pretty easy to put on, and I think it will help to protect the case. But, I have to give 3 stars because the one I got didn’t come with the carabiner clip. I was a little disappointed because I love rose gold and the main reason for me getting it was because it came with the clip. I still would recommend getting it but just be aware of possibly not getting the clip.UPDATE: I was able to get in touch with the seller to see if I can just get a clip sent to me, and they offered a full refund so that I can order another case. The customer service is amazing!! I received very prompt responses regarding the issue. I’ll be ordering another right now!UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: I received the other case and it came with the clip. The second case is the same quality and the clip doesn’t feel too flimsy.

  5. jsharp02

    I absolutely love these! Both my husband and I have AirPods so we wanted to ensure that we don’t confuse them! They’re such a great value! So glad I bought these!

  6. Isaura Valdez

    I’ve purchase 3 sets of these AirPod cases already & I have not been disappointed. The colors are super pretty I’ve favored the “Milk Tea” & “Olive green” color cases the most and with those a black color case also came in the sets. They fit my AirPod case perfectly (olive green one fits a bit weird on the top but not a big deal at all they still cover the case completely) easy to clean when they do get dust on them. Really nice feel to them they are smooth rubber case not a hard plastic. & I am still able to see the charging light through the case so that’s also a plus. I would recommend these & the price is great for a set of 2.

  7. L

    I like these a lot! They have a nice smooth feel to them. My only thing is that you have to woooooork your airpods case into the case, but once it’s in there, it is in there for good! These babies are not moving at all. The clip is good as well. I used to have a problem with an old one where the clip would always get loose, however I dont have that problem with these.

  8. Elizabeth🌹

    Great purchase! As described.

  9. bmccune

    My daughter lost her AirPods and she was crushed. She saved up enough money to buy another set so I bought her this so she can clip it in her back pack so it is easily accessible but you don’t have to worry about it getting set down somewhere and left. It fits and looks nice (she likes the rose gold colored carabiner) and I think she is less likely to misplace them now.

  10. Becca A

    Really worth the money! I mean they’re pretty inexpensively priced for a two pack, but nonetheless it’s worth your $6. They cover the pod case perfectly without hindering the removal of them.I like that you can see the light through the case, also. As you can tell by the photo mine need to be charged… but especially being a dark color like hot pink, I was impressed it was visible.Great value, will probably another to switch up every now and then.

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