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Dummy Fake Security CCTV Set


WALI Dummy Fake Security CCTV Dome Camera with Flashing Red LED Light with Security Alert Sticker Decals (SD-2)
2 Packs, Black : Camera & Photo

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2 Pack, 4 Pack


Black, White

  1. kdy

    These are perfect. I have a bunch of teenagers that crash my house with my son and one of the brats stole some pills from my bathroom. So I bought 6 of these and put them around the house and in my bathroom, took a picture from my phone standing where I mounted it showing it to them so they think I have full security and its working. I see them waving at it and I have fake wires I even ran from a different camera and literally look like they go through the wall and are legit. I’m in a rental house so didn’t want to invest in some gear that would be difficult to remove in 2 years, so these were cheap and perfect. I’m well armed too so the need for cameras is limited- but yes, will be installing the real deal with app to my phone when I move. For now, these work great.

  2. ClipperUSA

    If they can fool the police, I believe they can fool the criminals. One week after we installed the dummy dome cameras there was incident that caused the police to knock on our door asking to see our security camera footage. I had to tell him they were fake. There were 11 cars that had their back windows shot out with a BB gun. We will never know if the 24 hour security monitoring sign and the dummy dome cameras were the reason why they passed ours by, but I think these dummy cameras are well worth the price. I highly recommend them!

  3. beauty+brains

    Camera: you need a VISUAL deterrent?? this is it, stop looking. This was easily mounted on old siding under the gutters, looking straight out at the driveway, near the floodlight and it looks 100% authentic at that distance (bad pic attached, but you get the idea). Packaged nicely, with a paper guide for the screws and both units look like JUST LIKE cameras that we have at work which my boss constantly views the feeds and it *does* have a light. Put some energizer batteries in and it was off to the races.Red Light: After reading all the reviews-and I do mean all- I was super concerned about the red blinking lights being a “dead giveaway” to the crims. But here’s the thing, during the day you can barely see the red light and it depends on the angle. And if you are that close, it definitely reads as motion. From a distance at night it looks like that little red blink is following you and it blinks on, waits, then off. I personally think this is one of the biggest features that makes it look authentic. My work cameras have green lights so lights are a thing people. I didn’t attach any fake cords or stickers, or signs or extras others have mentioned, to me that’s overkill but depends on your situation.Summary: Highly recommend! I did purchase some Wyze cams (love!) and use those in conjunction with these dummycams to feel ultra secure in and around my home. Most criminals are dumb and not Ocean 11 professionals looking to make a big score. They don’t know if it’s a wireless, wired, infrared, motion, pan, ring, nest, or adt and I doubt they will risk it with these around.

  4. Tina Diane

    The ones I received look just like the picture. They still look real and they look good, but just a heads up. Also the backs have screw slots, but I was hoping for a better method of attachment like industrial double sided sticky pads or something. Really don’t want to put screws in the vinyl siding for a fake camera. Used a mounting tape. Easy enough. :)All in all, I’m very pleased with the purchase.

  5. Steph

    We just built our new home and haven’t had the opportunity to set up a new security system yet. I ordered these as temporary deterrents and placed them on every side of our home along with ADT security signs in front and back. These look real and were very easy to place with outdoor adhesive tape. I did not put batteries in the units as they look plenty authentic without a blinking light. If I were to see them walking up to the house, I would not question if they were real or not. We live in a nice and safe area, however, with all of the new construction going up, there have been many thefts out of the new builds currently under construction. Anything to deter a thief will make me more comfortable!

  6. Yay2theJay

    Very nice cameras. I added one to my moms house because during Xmas they stole some of her laser lights. So now I paired this with a real camera for added protection. The fake one I added a cord to it to make it more visible from the street. Looks super real to me and will definitely confuse those thieves.

  7. S. Jones

    I am surprised at how convincing these look. I did not buy these to replace real cameras, just to give the look that there are more cameras in the house. These work great for ceiling corners that are in basements facing windows, or any large room where it faces a window. The blinking red light could make them think twice, but I would still recommend having true security measures up first and foremost. Also, they are simple to install. If you are able to tie your own shoes the first try, then you can install theses dummy-cameras yourself.

  8. Frank M.

    These bad boys look real if you use them correctlyForget using batteries because real domes don’t have a flashing red lightFace the fake camera lens towards the house so you can’t see itReal domes are tinted and you don’t see the inside lens.Install them like this and you can’t tell the’re fake.Mix them in with real ones or just use all fake

  9. AmericanDreamer

    A year later, these fake security alarm lights, mounted outdoors but protected from weather by a patio roof, still look serious and official. The boyfriend mounted these lights on the side of the air conditioner along with a security alarm sticker and a motion-activated light underneath. At night, the red pulsing light of this fake security camera is visible from the ground floor, and when complemented with the illumination of a motion-activated light, it looks fabulously authentic.

  10. Jason McDonald

    Do they look like real cameras? Yes.Do they deter criminals? Who knows.I installed mine with good double stick tape (didn’t want to drill holes).I would highly recommend not putting batteries in for the LED lights. I don’t think there’s a similar functioning camera on the market with bright red LED’s. The LED’s on these just make them scream fake. Don’t use them.That said, they’re still a replica and a good value.

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