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Bluetooth Portable Waterproof Speaker

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Bluetooth Shower Speaker – Certified Waterproof – Wireless It Pairs Easily to All Your Bluetooth Devices – Phones, Tablets, Computer, Radio

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Product Description
Because A Perfect Day Needs A Perfect Sound!

Bluetooth waterspeaker

Waterproof speaker

Company logoiFox Creations

iFox Creations is a small, family-run company with a passion for truly innovative audio products especially Bluetooth Speakers. We believe that life is about enjoyment and adventure and the best moments flow from the simplest pleasures: a walk on the beach at sunset, a road trip with friends, a summer BBQ, or giving a loved one a gift you know they’ll love.

iFox iFO12 Bluetooth Waterproof Shower Speaker
100% Waterproof, Even Fully Submersible!!

A small, lightweight, easy to use, portable, dustproof Bluetooth Speaker with a crisp, loud 5 Watt sound is a perfect companion for any type of adventure and lifestyle. Can be easily attached to glass, ceramic or any other smooth surface such as shower wall, bathroom mirror, kitchen counters, car windows, desktops or anywhere you want to bring some sound and fun to your daily routine!

Fully Submersible and 100% Waterproof (IP67 certified)
Loud HD sound with an impressive 5 watts of power
Connects to all Bluetooth Devices in less that 6 seconds
Up to 10hrs playing time
Dedicated suction cup included (detachable) & Carabiner Hook
Built-in-Mic for hands free calls
33ft wide Bluetooth range
Pairs easily to any bluetooth devices such as phones, tablets, computer, radio

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ifox ifo12 shower speaker wireless bluetooth speaker shower speaker waterproof bluetooth speaker
A Great Sound On The Go!
The iFox iFO12 Bluetooth Shower Speaker is a small, sturdy and compact speaker that can be used indoors or outdoors thanks to it’s portable design. It is also very light so you won’t have problems transporting it – it will easily fit your bag or backpack. When it comes to music, the right song can power you through the day, make you feel happy, bring back great memories, and lift your spirits. From kitchen to bath or shower, yard to pool, picnic to beach or office it doesn’t matter… the iF012 is sure to enhance your experience and increase the fun & excitement in your day!!
A Quick Bluetooth Connection To Any Device
The iFox Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker brings a fast and stable connection. When fully charged it will provide you up to 10hrs of play time. The pairing process is easy and the speaker is compatible with all Bluetooth devices such as iphone, Android, iPad, iPod, Mac, smarthphones, computer, tablets and alexa devices. The speaker can be used not only for listening to music but also for answering calls without using your smartphone
Certified IP67 – 100% Waterproof
The iFox shower speaker is great around water as it’s not just water resistant it can be fully immersed in water up to 3 feet. We took care so you can enjoy your shower, have fun with your friends by the pool or on a boat
Easy Hands Free Calling
Our time is getting busier and our lifestyle and business tasks require us to be available all the time. It has become unusual to ignore a phone call or to be unavailable. This is why waterproof Bluetooth speakers like the iF012 with an integrated microphone is great. It enable you to enjoy your free time but still be able to answer calls without even reaching for your phone. You just have to press a button and the speakerphone is activated, and when you end your call, the music will continue playing like nothing happened.

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An Amazingly Versatile Speaker For All Occasions
shower speaker bluetooth speaker perfect gift
Shower/Pool Party
iFOX iFO12 bluetooth shower speaker is waterproof and it can be used in the shower thanks to convenient detachable suction cup. You can easily attach to glass, ceramic or any other smooth surface. It means you can enjoy a pool party / boat party with your friends and not be afraid of water splashes.
If you need your speaker to be significantly louder than your phone and you are planning to use it when camping or hiking or having a picnic with someone If you want to enjoy your favorite music on the go then the iFOX Bluetooth waterproof and dust proof speaker is the best option for you.
A Great Gift
The iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker is a truly unique and memorable gift for anyone – young or old – who loves their music and values their freedom. It’s ultra portable, easy to use, certified waterproof and built to last. The recipient will be grateful when they unwrap the iF012 speaker, but will REALLY thank you when they use it.

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iFOX12 Waterproof Shower Speaker iFox Bluetooth Shower Speaker iFOX Bluetooth Speaker iFOX Bluetooth Speaker iFOX Waterproof Speaker
Model Name iFOX iFO12 iFOX iFO13 iFOX iFO10 iFOX IFS303 iFOX iFO15
Waterproof ✓ ✓

Playtime 8 hours 8 hours 6 hours 6 hours 8 hours
Hands Free ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
FM radio ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

  1. Amazon Customer

    Rather than install a speaker in the ceiling of our master bathroom during our beyond-the-studs remodel, we tried out the bluetooth shower speaker. It’s perfect in every way. Suctions to the glass wall of the shower, plenty loud for the shower–volume determined by the phone–but can be controlled with the speaker buttons, easy to recharge using standard USB outlet. Best of all, it’s portable, unlike a ceiling speaker, so I can travel with the speaker or use it outdoors to boost my phone’s speaker. Don’t expect to use it for dance music, but great when a phone speaker isn’t enough.

  2. Fernando Walls

    I saw some reviews and it seemed like the best choice. When it arrived, it felt rugged and very well built, but after the first charge, the Bluetooth just kept disconecting every couple of minutes. Of course I re charged it fully but even when the battery fully charged, it presents the same fault. I’ve tried with two different Android phones and an iPad and unfortunatelly it doesn’t work properly on any of them.I believe my speaker was faulty as it doesn’t seem to be a bad product.UPDATE:after my review, I received a mail from iFox addressing my problem. First of all, I’d like to congratulate iFox customer service and specially Margo, for their quick response and amazing attention. They told me they would replace the faulty speaker for a brand new one. Unfortunatelly the return time had expired so they asked me to purchase a new one and they’d refund the complete order.So far I’m very pleased with their customer support and understand electrinivs can come faulty so if everything goes alright, I’m absolutelly upgrading to 5 stars.UPDATE 2:I’ve already received a brand new speaker and so far it has worked great. I’ll wait until the first chage is done and let you know how it works (last one faulted after the first chage).UPDATE 3:I’ve already used the new speaker and charged it, and it seems to be working fine! I want to stress the excellent support received by Margo @ iFox. I’very pleased about both the new product and customer support! You’ve earned the 5 stars easily.

  3. Gidget L.

    Here are my impressions after one week of use. I purchased the iFox iF012 Bluetooth Shower Speaker because I could no longer understand talk radio on my mobile phone in the shower. At less than half volume, the iFox sound is louder and clearer than my mobile phone speaker so I have no difficulty understanding what is being said when in the shower. Although the instructions are very brief and a bit cryptic, the initial Bluetooth pairing was easy and quick. On each subsequent use, it reconnects automatically as soon as it is turned on. I found the controls are easy to use and clearly marked.Unlike some other speakers that I considered, the way you push to use the iFox controls acts to re-seat its suction cup. Although it has stayed on the wall so far, like other reviewers, I do not completely trust any suction cup so I simply tied a string loosely between the unit and the shower head.So far, it does what it claims. Battery life remains an unknown. I’m still on my first charge after a little more than two hours of total use. I’ll update if needed. I would purchase this item again. Thanks to all the other reviewers for helping me make a good decision.

  4. amber hanni

    This speaker actually stays suctioned to the shower and really is water proof! It has better sound than I anticipated from a shower speaker. I like that the bluetooth connects so easily and quickly. The bass is decent for a small device. If i could change anything, it would be that the volume buttons were separate from the skip buttons, sometimes I try to adjust the volume and it skips the song.

  5. David

    Firstly, I have to say I am very impressed at the seller and how sincere they are. I personally dealt with Micheal, and he was responsive to all of my concerns, and although I had an issue, he rectified it within 24 hrs.You have a lot of choices on Amazon, both merchants and products —- and although the quality of the speaker in very good and the volume pretty decent, which is perfect for a shower, it is the quality of the customer service which I would return for.I got this for my son going to college and think it is a perfect gift.I also am going to get the new version of the speaker and I cannot wait and without reservation, recommend this vendor. Thank you Micheal. If any customers have any questions please post and I will try to respond.David

  6. Tina W.

    I decided to update my review. I am still giving this little speaker 5 stars. Ifox has excellent customer service. They stand behind their products. I recently had to get in touch with ifox due to my speaker not charging and after discovering it had a 365 day guarantee I decided to email ifox and tell them the problem I was having with my speaker. I explained that the charging cord stopped working out of nowhere hence making the speaker battery die therefore rendering it useless. I at first thought I was being ignored so I sent a 2nd email to discover that they responded right away, the email just went to my spam folder! After doing what was suggested with the power cord and it still not working the wonderful lady (Margo) I believe apologized for my inconvenience stating that it was unusual for these speakers to have problems and offered to send me a replacement. I just had to give my original Amazon order number ect. The whole process was hassle free and received my new speaker a few days later! I decided to try the new charging cord on my old speaker and it worked so it turned out that the charging cord stopped working not the speaker itself. I highly recommend doing business with this company and will purchase from them again in the future!!

  7. IRgEEK

    Works well for what it does, if you are not expecting super high-quality sound.I listen to NPR in the mornings, and audio great for that. If listening to music, sounds about the same as if you played directly from your phone so don’t expect a good high range or thumping bass.Seems to stick to stall well enough, but you have to remove it occasionally to charge it so some concern that over time the suction cup might not adhere so well, but working fine so far.The charger method is kind of annoying in that you can’t use your regular micro USB or similar cables you have lying around already. Instead the charge port is a mini plug like you see on headphones. However, I suspect that is also for waterproofing reasons so won’t penalize them for that. Hopefully, never lost or have an issue with the cord provided.As far as battery life, I listened to mine every day for about 30 mins for about 2 weeks before needing a charge.

  8. Elizabeth L.

    Love this speaker. Have no complaints. Works well. My shower has the kind of wall that this kind of suction cup won’t hold. We came up with a clever option that works great. Cut a u shape in the front a small hard plastic container. Attach to the wall. Slide it down. See pictures. The auction cup works fine on appropriate surfaces. We just didn’t have any appropriate surfaces.

  9. Eric P.

    This speaker is great! It is exactly as described and works wonders. I use this in bathroom to listen to the news while I am showering, brushing my teeth and getting ready in the morning. Easy to pair, easy to use and the volume levels are great! Not only that, but it is durable and shock resistant. When using the included suction cup to attach it to my tile wall, I accidently placed it over some grout causing it to fall when I let go. It bounced in the tub, didn’t get a scratch or dent, and powered right up and connected.I purchased a different waterproof bluetooth speaker a year ago. It was okay, but limited in volume and control. Plus, the cover for the charging port was flimsy and allowed water in, causing the speaker to short out and die. I really like the cover to the charging port on this speaker. Plus it holds a charge like none other!SMART PHONE USERS PLEASE READ: For anyone that uses their phone in humid area (such as a bathroom), I highly recommend getting a waterproof bluetooth speaker. Several years ago, I had a smart phone stop working. When I took it in for repair, the tech said there was water damage (and warranty was void) and I would have to pay for a replacement phone. I said the phone had not been near water and he showed me the water sensor underneath the battery of the phone. He said the chemical used on the paper to detect moisture was really sensitive and just being near the steam from a hot shower or sink would cause the chemical reaction. In other words, just having your phone in the bathroom could cause a false positive for water damage. After that, my phone does not go near the bathroom or a sink.

  10. Zak klapak

    I bought this product a while back and it had some minor issues, I wrote a review highlight the issues and the seller emailed me immediately looking to fix the problem. This seller is extremely pleasant to work with, the customer service is second to none, and you can tell they are genuinely happy to help with any issues or concerns, and that they are genuinely grateful for your business. I wish there was a option for customer service review so I could give them 6 out of five stars..Now onto the product. When I got the replacement I slapped that sucker into my shower wall and had a 45 minute karaoke session until the water went cold. The volume was loud enough to easy my “nails on a chalkboard” like voice, and if my eardrums had lips the sound quality would definitely have them smiling. I’ve never ran the battery dead so I don’t know how long they last. BUT to me I’d rather not know because that means my speaker has never died mid-jam so far. Since the replacement has arrived I use it everyday in the shower, in the kitchen, and in the garage. I’d say that I would recommend this product to a friend but a Moreno accurate statement would be to say that I HAVE.

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